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Who is Hillary Clinton??

Hillary Rodham Clinton (born in Chicago, Illinois, October 26, 1947; 61 years of age by the name of Hillary Diane Rodham) is the junior United States senator from the state of New York, an office which began on January 3, 2001. He is married to Bill Clinton, President of the United States 42 and United States First Lady for two terms (1993 to 2001). Previously, he was a lawyer. (http://id.wikipedia.org)

but do you know that small children sometimes do not like the figure of Hillary Clinton.
See picture below :

come on, go a little more, and you will feel my hard blow!

This is just a comedy picture ..
not the real thing.

I know that Hillary Clinton was a great woman leader is not criminals of children.
thank's been visiting this blog ..

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hallo my Friend's...
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Yesterday the day I had made the article "BlogUpp Widget uses to Increase Visitors blog".
yes, this time maybe this story my heart flow, and does away with the hot news from BlogUpp.

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It was not five articles I have entered in this simple blog.
and one more to add articles here to complete a six.
This time maybe I'll try to share a simple science bloggers to friends or visitors who have come in Dendendi blog.

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today was a very fun day because today is Tuesday for me these days the most I've been waiting to take extra curricular school.

extra curricular that I follow is TOKI.
Abbreviations TOKI is Tim Olimpiade Komputer Indonesia.


the TOKI taught me a lot of programs using the C + + or others.
and also sometimes to play games of logic, because logic go round the most important thing to make a program.

and I regard this day one of the themes related to the lessons I have learned from the extra-curricular TOKI How to make a simple math program using C++.

if you know the formula to calculate the area of rectangle?
in Indonesia the formula is written like this :
Luas = Panjang x Lebar

then made with C + + is very simple.
The first is clear we need a compiler to make the program run
Compiler can you find here.

here it is, the language of our programs can be run as a simple program to calculate area of rectangle

#include <conio.h>
#include <stdio.h>

int a,l,p;
printf ("Masukan Panjang : "); scanf("%d",&p);
printf ("Masukan Lebar : "); scanf("%d",&l);
printf ("Maka Luas yang dihasilkan : %d",&a);
getch ();

proved that the program C + + is very easy to learn.

please support me.
in extra curricular I was selected to attend the Logic and Programming Competition.
competition info can be found at : http://schematics.hmtc-its.org/
Sorry but registration is closed. hehehehe :D
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hi friend,
nothing left homewards direct school goes to blogger to fill article again,

o yeaa,
friend know not songs Alun-Alun Nganjuk ??
this song so delicate is harked,
heterogeneous also there is that dangdut and there is also that meddling cream.

have known haven't its song?
super-duper even lyric it not so much lyrical present.

As it its lyric:

Lunga tak anti - anti kapan nggonmu bali
Mecak’e endahing wengi kutha Nganjuk iki
Sumilir angin wates nggugah kangene ati
Apa kowe ora ngerteni
Kowe tak kangeni

Ning alun - alun tak goleki
Terminal stasiun tak ubengi
Senajan setahun tak enteni
Tresnamu sing tak gondheli

Lali tenan to dhik nggonmu janji - janji ?
Disekseni lampu alun - alun iki
Lali tenan to dhik karo aku iki ?
Ning terminal stasiun nggonku nggoleki

yes, lyric such a it.
how terminologicals friend?
nicely and delicate cannikin?

how is its song?
looking this video, plus bar loves by java song as it. hehehehehe

delicate its song?
until in here before yes!
please at comment love for friend readiness on javanese songs.
thank you......
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inginnya sihh posting pakai bahasa inggris.
sekalian bisa ngejar paket untuk ikutan google adsense. hehehe

jadinya posting pakai Bahasa Indonesia.
tak apa sih, kan bahasa Indonesia bahasanya orang penuh semangat.
go Go... Indonesia !!

Masalahnya kenapa ??..
iya tuh kenapa sihh masalahnya ??

gini sobbb, sedih banget deh kalau pakai Windows Vista.
kan niatnya posting pakai Bahasanya Orang2 Sexy (inggris geeottuu)
gw sendiri juga g bisa bahasa inggris.
biar bisa di approve sama Google Adsense. Kan syaratnya artikelnya kudu pakai bahasa Inggris. jadi diusahain cari program untuk translate kata.

langsung deh cari tool2 untuk translate kata ke Indowebster. lumayan ketemu deh Program transtool versi 6 yang katanya bagus dan apik.
sekitar 60MB lah..

terus mao install,
ehhh malah keluar kata ERROR
dengan tidak sopannya mengeluarkan kata seperti ini :
"Component "RICHT32.OCX Not correctly registered, bla bla...."

Emosipun keluar dari dalam hati yang paling dalam.
kenapa sihh kog ga bisa??
terus searching di mbah Google. ehh dobol ternyata transtool itu memang belum bisa untuk Os Vista.
y udah deh cari program lainnya meskipun nyesel menghabiskan bandwith untuk download program yang gak jalan kaya' patng.

kembali lagi deh akhirnya ke Indowebster.
terus obok-obok lagi di data basenya, ketemu lagi dengan tool translate kata.
download deh tool Translator XP Enterprise + Crack / patchnya.
yang katanya lagi paling hebat dari program translate kata lainnya.

setelah dapat kisaran 60MB juga,
langsung deh install kembali.
setelah install plus cracknya ehhh malah keluar tulisan kaya' ini :
"that MSVBVM50.dll is required"

apaan lagi tuh??
g tau dehh, jadinya pusing.

udah hancur lagi nihh emosi.
dua program translate telah membuatku berubah menjadi kemarahan yang sangat besar.
dan akhirnya saya niatkan untuk semedi nyembah ning dukur'e kasur dalam waktu 1 jam.

keadaanpun membaik kembali, langsung tak putus asa cari program lagi di http://www.4shared.com
lahh ketemu salah satu program translate untuk OS Vista.
namanya : IndoPreterpro
kalau temen-temen juga mau download klik aja lewat server Indowebster disini.

saya ambil yang portable aja kalau gak jalan lagi ya pasrah.
langsung deh di unduh dengan bissmillahhirohmanirohim.
semoga memang dapat berjalan di Os Vista yang sangat menyibukan ini.

setelah download selesai.
saya buka dan akhirnya ....... tententeren
"berjalan dengan selamat sentosa"
terima kasihh untuk mas Bram yang telah membuat portablenya sehingga bisa masuk di kantong flash disk dan berjalan OS Vistaku yang menjengkalkan ini.

temen" yang pakai vista, kasih program tranlate kata yang jalan dong?
hehehehehe. dikasih ya untuk Dendendi satu ini.
Terima kasih telah Membaca cerita Sedihku.
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Why yes if there are 2 options together, always confused to choose which one.

As I experienced this confusion to select the gadget blog chat to where?
the shoutmix or Cbox??

Because the chat is very important gadget for a blog hence I had to put it in your blog.
Why is it important?
because normally a blogger's best friend if blogwalking not forget to leave trail to our blog so yes the easiest alternative to chat like this gadget.

a loss for too long, it was a blogger friend who came to my house. I just wonder with him. Which is best between the Cbox or shoutmix.

Approximately 10 minutes, and it was a very happy end. After hearing the conversation my friend said, he suggested to use because it is said he Cbox more unique than the shoutmix.

yes already.
no longer thought to directly list Cbox,
and install this widget to my blog.
Do not forget to fill out a sentence in the Cbox ya!!
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Assalamualaikum WR.WB

Selamat datang untuk teman - teman yang sudah menghabiskan waktu untuk mengunjungi blog SMA ini :)

Sambil basa - basi dikit yaaaa hehehe saya suka banget ngeblog, apalagi kalo sudah kena koneksi internet yang kuenceng banget bakalan lupa sama waktu kalo udah masuk dunia maya hehehe

saya ingin SUKSES muda? tapi masi berpikir bagaimana jalannya? hahha
sapa tau anda yang lagi membaca ini bisa bantu bikin SUKSES :p
sukses, gak harus tua kan?

about me:

I was just high school kids who are new 1st class and still being a student at the school.
school was very pleasant, because the days of his time courting the school. hehehehehe
much school work to make my blogging activity reduced. :'(

I think blogging is very fun, because it could meet overseas friends and bloggers all that's not all I can understand looking for income from blogging alone.

blogging own terms I knew when I was still sitting in junior high school classes, especially 3. and then the computer teacher provides a way to make blogs in cyberspace. -tangung not have direct responsibility for this blog.
1 year has finally berlajan I can also achieve some income on the internet only with bantuang this blog.

constraints as online business is that I do not have a credit card because when money transfers online business we are always sent only by credit card.
and how the money can I receive?
to accept the money without feel free to borrow my credit card my sister my brother meskipu afraid sendirir fooled by business name online.

lhoo, the story merely blogging?
ohh yes yes, if so have deh.

insha allah, blog is always updated to fit the information is still hidden.
and I apologize.
possible spelling english is not perfect, because I am also a stupid child who does not understand anything English language so I just use the help http://translate.google.co.id

Wassalamualaikum. WR.WB.